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CDV Photograph of a Small Girl in a Chair Holding a Fan, Dated 1878


Price: $8.00

Publisher: Liverpool, UK, Brown, Barnes & Bell: 1878

Seller ID: 052286

Condition: VG+

CDV photograph of a 4-year old girl, seated, holding a fan. On the back of the carte is written in ink - 'Florie, August 1878, Age 4'. Size - 10.2cm by 6.2cm. Clean and clear. Shipping via inexpensive Canada Post Lettermail. View more info

J. E. Brown & Co., New Westminster, B. C.; Statement [Invoice] 1911

By: BROWN, J. E. & Co

Price: $8.00

Publisher: New Westminster, B. C., J. E. Brown & Co.: 1911

Seller ID: 051873

Condition: Very Good

Small, Statement dated Feb 1, 1911, from J. E. Brown & Co,, 618 Columbia Street in New Westminster, B. C. - Men's Clothing Furnishings, etc. Two-hole punched at top. Made out to Percy Burr - well-known New Westminster businessman. This item weighs 2g and qualifies for inexpensive Lettermail postage both to Canada, the USA and other parts of the World. View more info

Lyman Brown's Seven Barks Almanac for 1888

By: BROWN, Lyman

Price: $15.00

Publisher: New York, Lyman Brown: 1887

Edition: 1888 Annual

Seller ID: 053717

Condition: Solid VG

Lyman Brown's Almanac for 1888. Within his remedy, 'Seven Barks' claimed to cure an number of diseases and ailments though the basic clain was as 'A Cure for Dyspepsia'. 32pp, illustrated, string loop for hanging at top left.. Color litho wrappers of children playing with dogs - each wrapper different. Clean, unmarked interior, sound, stapled binding. Slight wearto some edged but no tears, creases, marks etc. Ships via inexpensive Canada Post Lettermail [Air] - no Customs delay. View more info

Gems from Billy Browne's Little Red Book; Memorial Issue, 1951

By: BROWNE, Billy; CJOR Radio

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Vancouver, BC, CJOR Radio: 1951

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 039117

Condition: Fine

Billy Browne, 1896-1951, was an early broadcaster on CJOR radio in Vancouver. He initiated a program calles 'Breakfast with Browne' that lasted 48 years and 4 generations of 'Browne's'. This booklet, published to memorialize his passing, contains a number of inspirational poems used by Billy Browne Sr. on his programs. Sponsored by the Western Mutual Benefit Association of Vancouver. [32pp], photo of Billy Browne to page 1. Bright, clean and unmarked witn a tight, stapled binding. Weight, 29g. lettermail rates apply. View more info

Godiva's Gallop; 32nd Annual Engineer's Ball, U. B. C.

By: BRTISH COLUMBIA, University of

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Vancouver, U. B. C.: 1951

Edition: 32nd Annual

Seller ID: 054700

Condition: VG

Program for an Annual Event put on by the University of British Columbia Engineers- 'Godiva's Gallop; A Riotous Ride from 9:00 till 1:00, Spurred by Don Duguid and his Bookies - 32nd Annual Engineer's Ball, Wednesday, February 21st and Thursday, February 22nd, 1951 at the Commodore Downs [Ballroom]. Humorous description of a dozen 'Horses' running to the centre pages; Patrons etc listed on the last page. Card wrappers, 4pp insert. Unmarked. Ships within North America, in card sleeve, for $2.50-$4.50 depending on location. Overseas - shipping at cost. Image available. View more info

Postcard Invitation to an Art Exhibition and Auction in Belgium in 1902

By: BRUNIN, Leon - Artist

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Anvers, Belgium, G. Hermans: 1902

Seller ID: 051888

Condition: Fine

Unusual! An Invitation to an Art Exhibition and Sale, 12-3 Janvier, 1902 printed on a postcard. An address for the Exhibition is not shown but by deduction it is in Anvers [Antwerp] in Belgium. The image shown is by Belgian artist, Leon Brunin [1861-1949] Postally used and dated Jan. 11, 1902. Addressed from Anvers Station to Anvers. Bright and clean, stamp present, cancel bold. View more info

Decal from the Plaza Hotel in Brussels, Belgium


Price: $6.50

Publisher: Buxelles, Belgium, Bruxelles Plaza:

Seller ID: 054476

Condition: Near Mint

Vintage decal, near mint and unused from the Plaza Hotel in Brussels, Belgium. Image of the Hotel Building with a crest and lettering. Near Mint condition., Three copies available. Ships via inexpensive Canada Post Lettermail. View more info

Brown's "Vick" Semaphore Cards


Price: $8.00

Publisher: Glasgow, Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd.:

Edition: No Edition Stated

Seller ID: 054966

Condition: Fine

Envlope containing 28 small printed cards. 26 cards each reporesent one letter in the alphabet. One side of the card is the Letter/Name; verso, a naval figure holding flags in the corresponding position. There are a further 2 cards with 'Self-Instruction / Self-Examination'. Card are Fine; printed envelope with some damage but still intact. Undatee. Images appear very old but this iteration culd well be 1930s-1940s. Ships via inexpensive Canada Post Lettermail. View more info

Image for BSA '69: The Bold Way to Make Time

BSA '69: The Bold Way to Make Time


Price: $20.00

Publisher: Birmingham, UK, BSA Motorcycles: 1969

Seller ID: 051753

Condition: Good to Very Good

Sales brochure for the 1969 Line of BSA Motorcycles. Published in the UK but printed in the USA for distribution there. Size - 10" by 10", 12pp, all color on thick, glossy paper. Models shown include the 250cc Starfire, 441cc Victor Special, 750cc Rocket 3, 500cc Royasl Star, 650cc Thunderbolt, 650cc Lightning ad the 650cc Firebird Scrambler. Reasonably clean copy, no marks. Some weakening along the spine. Weight, 60g. Ships via inexpensive Lettermail. View more info

British Syrian Mission Training Institution, Beyrout


Price: $5.00

Publisher: Wimbledon, British Syrian Mission:

Seller ID: 20115

Condition: Good VG

Unused, printed postcard. Photo of the BSM Training Institute building in Beirut, Lebanon. Picture Post Card Series I. Undated, circa 1905. Unused reverse. Ships at cost via inexpensive Canada Post Lettermail View more info

Buck's Brilliant Stoves & Ranges- Victorian Trade Card


Price: $7.50

Publisher: USA, Buck's:

Seller ID: 053728

Condition: Fine

Victorian-era Trade Card - circa 1880s - Buck's Brilliant Stoves & Ranges The card features a wonderful image of a Victorian Lady next to a very elaborate Stove - with descriptive text. Reverse is blank - no text. Near mint. No creases, marks, rounded corners, album marks, not trimmed, etc. From a group recently found in top, fresh condition NOT in an album. Postage at cost. View more info

Buckeye Baking Powder Recipe Booklet


Price: $9.95

Publisher: Olympia, WA, Buckeye Extract Co.:

Seller ID: 051728

Condition: Fine

Small advertising booklet from the Buckeye Extract Co. of Olympia, Washington decribingh the uses of their Baking Powder and listing a few uses and recipes. Undated, but early in appearance - c1912. Litho color. Size - 3.5" by 6.25", 8pp, products in packages shown on rear wrapper. A near 'mint' copy - bright, clean and unmarked. Inexpensive Canada Post Lettermail rates may apply to most locations, Canada, the U. S. A. and International. View more info

Dr. Buomberger's Reise Panoramakarten Mainz-Coblenz. Dampfschiffahrt auf dem Rhein


Price: $15.00

Publisher: Coln, Heiss & Co.:

Edition: First [presumed]

Seller ID: 34872

Condition: Good VG

Booklet unfolds in a Panoramic representation of a section of the Rhine River, Mainz to Coblenz. It is composed of 16 postcards of the region, perforated for removal. All are present. Undated, circa 1908. Booklet size, 5.5"x8.25". Some of the perforations are beginning to separate. Overall, VG or better. Weight, 105g. View more info

The New '7 Car Twin Zephyrs': Burlington RR


Price: $6.00

Publisher: St, Paul, MN, Burlington Route:

Seller ID: 051938

Condition: Fine, Unused

Advertising blotter for the new Twin Zephyrs on the Burlington Route railroad, from Minneapolis St. Paul to Chicago. This service was introduced in 1934. Blotter probably dates from 1934. Blotter size - 6.25" by 3.25". Mint and unused. Ships via inexpensive Canada Post Lettermail. View more info

Image for Burnaby Schools Day, June 4th, 1937; Souvenir Programme

Burnaby Schools Day, June 4th, 1937; Souvenir Programme


Price: $7.50

Publisher: Burnaby, BC, Burnaby School District: 1937

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 31704

Condition: Good VG

Souvenir Program for Burnaby's First Annual School Days, 1937. Held at Central Park Grounds on June 4th, 1937 - singing, dancibg, physical exercises, sports, folk dance, tumbling, softball game. 4pp - one sheet folded in two. Lots of detail. Clean and unmarked. Weight, 7g. Shipping via inexpensive Canada Post Lettermail. View more info

Information of Interest to Taxpayers; 1951-1952

By: BURNABY, Corporation of

Price: $7.50

Publisher: Burnaby, B. C., Corporation of the District of Burnaby: 1952

Seller ID: 052241

Condition: VG

Statement showing Revenue and Expenditures for the Year 1951 together with Budget for 1952. These are broken down into numerous categories. Diagram to centre pages showing 1952 Budget breakdown. Plus, What an Average Taxpayer Pays and what he Receives. Unfolds to 14" by 8.5", printed both sides. This item weighs 7g and qualifies for inexpensive Lettermail postage both to Canada, the USA and other parts of the World. View more info

Burnaby; Our Local Government at Your Service

By: BURNABY, District Municipality of

Price: $5.00

Publisher: Burnaby, BC, Burnaby Municipality: 1965

Seller ID: 047597

Condition: Fine

Folding card brochure detailing municipal taxes in the Minicipality of Burnaby for 1965. Unfolds to 38cm wide by 13cm tall, printed both sides, 8 panels. Includes 1 map & 5 photos plus text. Brigh, clean and unmarked. Lettermail. 6g. View more info

Burnaby Diamond Jubilee, Souvenir Program, June 29th to July 5th, 1952: Celebrating Sixty Years of Growth and Progress of the Municipality of Burnaby

By: BURNABY, Municipality of

Price: $9.95

Publisher: Burnaby, BC, Municipality of Burnaby: 1952

Edition: First Edition

Seller ID: 22431

Condition: Good VG, or Better

Souvenir Program for Burnaby's 60th Anniversary, 1892-1952. [32pp], illustrated, advertising. Bright, clean copy with a sound, stapled binding. Uncommon. Weight, 60g. Shipping via inexpensive Canada Post Lettermail. View more info

The Evening Star; Monday, November 28, 1859

By: BUTLER, William - Publisher

Price: $18.50

Publisher: London, William Butler: 1859

Edition: No 1,159

Seller ID: 049679

Condition: VG+

Single issue of the scarce London newspaper which ran from 1842 to 1862. 4pp, rag paper. Bright, clean, unmarked and undamaged. Never-bound copy. Horizontal fold at centre. We ship Worldwide, use both Canada Post and the United States Postal Service, and offer postal charges based on our actual costs, without overcharging. This item weighs 27g unpacked. Canadian and USA orders shipped via inexpensive Lettermail. Rest of the world, a little more. [Online estimates by the Listing Site may not be correct and either additional, or reduced postage may be required]. In case of doubt please email ... View more info

Beatle's 'Portraits Offer': 1960's


Price: $5.00

Publisher: Toronto, Cadbury's:

Seller ID: 052349

Condition: Fine

This is a small order form for a free offer of Beatle 'portraits' made for Cadbury's Choco milk drink additive. Fill in this form, enclose two Choco wrappers and receive a set of 4 Beatle portraits. Undated - circa mid 1960s. Form size is 3" by 5". Fine. Shipping via inexpensive Canada Post Lettermail. View more info