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Monopoly: A Study of British Monopoly Capitalism


Price: $17.00

Publisher: London, Lawrence and Wisehart : 1955

Seller ID: 11579

Binding: Cloth, Gilt Titles

Condition: Good VG

These are the Facts: An Authentic Record of Alberta's Progress 1935-1948


Price: $15.00

Publisher: Edmonton, AB, Alberta Publicity Office : 1948

Seller ID: 057068

Binding: Soft cover

Condition: Fine

Must Britain Travel the Moscow Road?

By: ANGELL, Norman

Price: $20.00

Publisher: London, Noel Douglas : 1926

Seller ID: 13152

Binding: Cloth, Gilt Titles

Condition: About Fine

The Basic Conflict: Democracy vs. Communism

By: AQUINO, Melchor P.

Price: $29.50

Publisher: Manila, P. I., Research Institute : 1960

Seller ID: 22827

Binding: Cloth Boards, Gilt Titles

Condition: Near Fine

Aristotle's Politics and Athenian Constitution


Price: $9.95

Publisher: London, Dent : 1961

Seller ID: 08800

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Near Fine

Image for Bureaucracy, Economy, and Leadership in China: The Institutional Origins of the Great Leap Forward

Bureaucracy, Economy, and Leadership in China: The Institutional Origins of the Great Leap Forward

By: BACHMAN, David M.

Price: $40.00

Publisher: Cambridge, UK, Cambridge Univ Press : 1991

Seller ID: 30300

ISBN-13: 9780521402750

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Fine

Roots of Terrorism

By: BAJPAI, Kanti P.

Price: $11.50

Publisher: New Delhi, Pebguin Books : 2002

Seller ID: 33827

Binding: Cloth

Condition: About Fine

20th Century Nationalism

By: BARCLAY, Glen St. J.

Price: $14.00

Publisher: London, Weidenfeld and Nicolson : 1971

Seller ID: 09411

ISBN-13: 9780297004783

Binding: Cloth, Gilt Titles

Condition: Fine

The Bahamas; Economic Survey, April, 1959


Price: $6.00

Publisher: London, Barclays Bank DCO : 1959

Seller ID: 055644

Binding: Stapled Wrappers

Condition: VG

Canadian Papers in Business History, Volume 1

By: BASKERVILLE, Peter - Editor

Price: $15.00

Publisher: Victoria, University of Victoria : 1989

Seller ID: 21958

ISBN-13: 9780921278023

Binding: Cloth Boards, Gilt Titles

Condition: About Fine

German Economic Policy

By: BAUER, Wilhelm

Price: $9.00

Publisher: Berlin, Terramare Office : 1939

Seller ID: 040705

Binding: Printed Wraps

Condition: Fine

The Philosophy of Society

By: BEEHLER, Rodger and DRENGSON, Alan R. - Editors

Price: $9.95

Publisher: London, Methuen : 1978

Seller ID: 10804

ISBN-13: 9780416834901

Binding: Printed Wraps

Condition: Good VG

Looking Backward 2000-1887: The Commonwealth Edition

By: BELLAMY, Edward

Price: $19.95

Publisher: Vancouver, Totem Press : 1934

Seller ID: 20719

Binding: Printed Card Wraps

Condition: Very Good

A Personal Report from the Premier: 17 Years of Achievement by the Government that puts People before Politics

By: BENNETT, Premier W. A. C.

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Victoria, B. C., Social Credit Party of B. C. : 1969

Seller ID: 046790

Binding: Stapled Wrappers

Condition: About Fine

Promised Land: Settling the West 1896-1914

By: BERTON, Pierre

Price: $12.00

Publisher: Toronto, McClelland & Stewart : 1990

Seller ID: 056207

ISBN-13: 9780771012709

Binding: Cloth

Condition: About 'As New'

Image for The Great Depression: 1929-1939

The Great Depression: 1929-1939

By: BERTON, Pierre

Price: $11.00

Publisher: Canada, Anchor Canada : 2001

Seller ID: 056915

ISBN-13: 9780385658430

Binding: Soft cover

Condition: As New

Image for Nazism and War

Nazism and War

By: BESSELL, Richard

Price: $13.50

Publisher: London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson : 2004

Seller ID: 35109

ISBN-13: 9780297646969

Binding: Cloth

Condition: As New

The Economics of Underdeveloped Countries

By: BHAGWATI, Jagdish

Price: $6.00

Publisher: New York, World University Library : 1966

Seller ID: 32860

Binding: Printed Card Wrappers

Condition: Near Fine

Herblock's Here and Now

By: BLOCK, Herbert

Price: $18.00

Publisher: New York, Simon and Schuster : 1955

Seller ID: 23725

Binding: Cloth

Condition: Good Very Good

Fernie and District; An Economic Survey August, 1963

By: BONNER, Hon. R. W. - Minister

Price: $25.00

Publisher: Victoria, B. C., Bureau of Economics and Statistics : 1963

Seller ID: 4020

Binding: Soft cover

Condition: Very Good